CHILD- Not your sex toy!

We live in a world where every single day of survival is a threat but for children it is the worst nightmare. Let’s take some time from our busy lives to have a bit of reality check. Seriously kids?!? But all we do is just sit back weep, read & watch the daily flash news- “8 year old girl RAPED & MURDERED”. It scares the shit out of me when I come across such events-

-50 year old distant relative mutilates a 10 year old girl’s body by inserting wooden object in her private part.

– 15 year old girl found to be dead after being raped by more than two men in her neighborhood. She was left dying with her liver ruptured and cuts all over her lips, chest and body.

This doesn’t end here even infants not more than 12 months are being raped gruesomely and thrown out in dump yards. But what do these sadistic morons get out of this? The pleasure of satisfying their filthy lusts? Or is it the uncontrollable urge of not being able to hold back their rotten tools? The saddest irony of being born as a human!

Several reports says that, ‘1 girl child out of 5 and 1 boy child out of 10 are being physical and sexually assaulted’. But how can someone even think of doing such a cruel deed to an innocent child? Can you imagine yourselves being a child sexual abuse (CSA) victim? Can you at least think of how much a mental trauma it is for a child to undergo such emotional imbalance? I just pray it is not your nor mine nor anyone else’s child next!

So parents and to-be parents it’s high time for you to educate your children/ younger siblings/ little cousins about sex. I know it might sound weird, because talking about sex, how to- be and not- to- be touched to your inquisitive kids is not a cake walk. It all starts with their most curious questions, “Where did I come from?”, “Why does my urinal part differ from my baby brother’s?”, “How and why does it feel good when I touch it?”. I bet children are better interrogators than adults.

All you’ve to do is talk to them and bring to them the concept of child birth in casual way according to their age. You can’t talk about the concept of sexual intercourse to your 3 year old one but shall delicately elaborate it to your 14 year old girl/boy. Of course sex education is not mean only for your girl child. It is very much important to talk to your boys as well.

It is totally natural when you find your kids touch themselves. It is the harmones that make them do it and not because they’re exposed or addicted to pornographic contents. I totally see that you’re freaking out after reading this but please don’t! Children today keep evolving with the growing technology. If you feel proud about boasting your child’s skills on using brand new gadgets, his/her ability to use internet and surf through Google & YouTube, then you should also be mentally ready to handle them when they go wrong or out of your clenches. Children today are unaware of what is ethically right and wrong because they just follow what they see and hear.

Souls that are meant to smile and play,

Fell in the clench of evil prey,

Snatched from her tiny hands her favorite toy,

Stuffed the moron with his filthy boy,

Unaware of why it is happening to her,

Left the with no strength but to surrender,

Pushed and shoved the moron deeper,

Slowly died the clueless soul in her.

It is solely your duty to throw light on what is good for them. So here is something important you should share and talk to your children about-

– Talk to them about their daily activities in school. This is the best way to monitor your child’s routine.

– Do not change your child’s clothes in front of a third person.

– Never encourage your child talk to strangers in malls, shops, airports and especially in trains without your consent.

– Develop in them the habit of not consuming any food items from an unknown person.

– Create a secret password that you and your child shall use it as a token of trust in case of emergency.

– It is always better for the couple to stay intimately away in front of their children. You never know your child may infer such physical closeness to be casual.

– Talk to your child about touches. Obviously you might have read a million of articles on it. Still reinforce on where it safe to be touched. For an instance say, ‘Parts that are covered by clothes should never be allowed by anyone to be seen nor touched except the first family’. This might not further develop your kid’s curiosity, instead of just saying ‘Don’t let anyone touch you’.

– Ensure if you are around your child during their tuition classes, sports coaching sessions, music, karate, swimming or dance classes. Obviously no other job should be your criteria than their safety.

– Make sure to create a friendly rapport with your kid and put them at ease with you. This will build in them the confidence to share their stuffs with you.

– Assure your kids initially that ‘ You are there with them throughout and it is not their fault if they’re mentally or physically bullied in school.’

– The most important thing- ‘ Never ever freak out or exhibit your insecurities in front of your kid. This will completely ruin their mental health.’

At the end of the day they are just innocent souls and it is not late to do something, instead of never doing it. So let’s take things a bit more serious in the place of weeping on something that is long gone. And all you’ve to do is break the taboo of not talking about “SEX” to your child and promise to them their safety and smile.

For a better child safety,

Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.


Life & Lipstick

I’ve always wondered right from my childhood what makes her go crazy for makeup especially lipsticks? It was back then when I was 6 and she was just a 10 year old girl but all she used to do is to deck herself with Kajal, lipstick, matching- matching bindi and rubber bands! and from then started her love for Makeup. Woah haven’t I mentioned the SHE yet!? Of course she’s my Makeup Artist Akka!

Aarthi (aka) Dhanalakshmi! I bet this one is a surprise note for you, but you know what? You truly deserve this. I remember Amma vaguely recollecting one of your childhood incident months ago where you made them return all the way back home just because you forgot to apply lipstick when you were around 4-5 years. And today you make sure the tradition is still being hailed!

You evolved as you grew and so your undying passion for something that you’ve always wanted to pursue. Having completed B.Com whilst you wanted to take up Fashion Technology and stepping inside the horrifying CA zone. You did your best that you could but destiny had a different plan. Nevertheless you successfully did your MBA ( That you completed out of blue LOL!!!) you still felt a part of you lagging behind.

Your ferverent Spirit to go after your love for Makeup and being a Makeup Artist is the fruit you cherish today. I know you just started off just like that. The umpteen number of times we’ve played dress up games while we were kids- scapegoating me as your eye liner trial piece and the so called Dupatta Wala saree draping sessions. And today after a very long toil you nailed what you’ve dreamt of.

But Aarthi! You know what? After having married to the one & only love of your life with whom you’ve stargazed to spend your entire life with, you still wanted to let the woman in you chase her never fading rainbow. You set out to an un familiar city all alone right after 6 months of your dream wedding. You were neither acquaint with the language nor with the people. The everyday strains and exertions you underwent for the next 5 months will need guts for any woman who has only lived in a pampered environment all her life. The hardships you faced while traveling 4-5 hours back and forth for attending your classes in the flooded local busses. Having your backpack stuffed with cosmetics to gulping the packed lunch in the car parks and waiting for hours for the next makeover session to commence, I bet I wouldn’t have withstood the way you did.

But today you’re on your own. You’re that woman who created her own destiny. You’re that woman who made her fantasy come true. You’re that woman who chased the same fantasy even after getting married. You’re that woman who wanted to support her family without having the fear of being judged. I’m sure there are infinite women out there supporting their families may be even better than you, on the contrary there are many women who are far behind the reach of their dreams.

To me you’re an example. To me you’re my strong idol. To me you’re the strongest Woman and to me you’re the best sister that Amma and God had blessed me for free.

To more success and happiness! And cheers to your beautiful venture “ELLE Makeover”. Because it’s now all “Your life and your lipstick”

Proud Thangachi,❤❤❤

Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.

Live And Let Live

Women’s day! Did you just read it right? Not sure if you did! My inbox popped up with wishes for women’s day which lead me to a horror of reality strike! “What makes this day so special?” I pondered upon for an answer. Is it all about having bold and beautiful eyes, a curvy frame and luscious silky hair! Are these just the mere facts that actually make yourself feel like a woman? I hope you didn’t give a positive nod for that. From a girl to a woman the transition takes a lot. Having the cherry on the top of the snow cone up till balancing all the hectic chores! Maa & Paa, you guys have brought out the woman in me from the child I used to be. And this special thanking note is just for all the amiable mum and dad for all the unconditional love, support and mere trust you had in your little woman.

Amma & Appa,

21 years of upbringing and I hope I’ve inherited quite a few of your traits. I know it wasn’t easy for you two to bring us up because we were not just one but two little uncontrollably naughty girls. But Paa I’ve never told you how much your motivations pushed me a step ahead every single day to grab the dreams that you and I have dreamt together. I still remember how panicked you used to be when I had the sleepwalking syndrome. There were not one night were you and maa have slept peacefully. May be it shall now seem so petty but Paa! I wish I could be your little princess whose hands were held by you throughout the night to make me feel secured. I really wish I could.

21years! Where everyday I come across abusals and harassments. A world where “Acid Attacks” are replaced by “SPERM ATTACKS”, where women are being just sexually objectified and one fine morning I see all the social platforms buzzing with “Happy women’s day- #proudtobeawoman”. But why such a melodrama? “Women are epitome of strength and courage” on one day and “C’mon why are you studying? You’re gonna end up getting married right?” on the next day! Seriously! Why is there a fluctuating bias?

SHUSSHHH!! Don’t expose your true self to your fiance. He might assume you to be an over friendly extrovert!”, says a woman herself. (A woman is truly an enemy of an another woman! *HENCE PROVED*). “You disclosing about your past to your future would end you up in trouble!” Excuse me did I ask you for a Free Gyan or Advice? Why can’t I be myself? Why can’t a woman be a woman herself? If you can’t agree upon this, then you are kindly and respectfully requested to withhold your so-called-shitty attitude with yourself.

I know I am a woman who is strong. I am sufficient enough to handle my own needs and expenses. I do have mood swings (P.S. I need not be PMSing all the time and could have had a bad day). I’m all ready to face the hardships and confront the threats imposed. Of course I might lose the combat, I might have the taste of failures, I might end up with a broken heart, I might be bankrupted, I might get fired in my workplace yet I will strive hard and work my arse off to pull off what I’ve lost. Does that make me any less or useless? You better NOT say YES!

Not to blame anyone here, yet trying to reinforce the truth. So, don’t butter us by congratulating women for a being a woman instead learn to accept them for the person they are. Of course not every person is held to be blamed but a few ought to be. Indeed we do have a fear of future, we do have career insecurities, we would also want to equally love and support our partner/future partner financially and emotionally, we do have fluttering wings to fly high and make our own dreams come true! Because we are no special but common people just like you. Indefinitely let every day be a celebration & let everyday be a learning, ‘cuz no day a man and a woman are complete without one another, just the way a beautiful day doomed with darkness with no ray of sunshine.

A special wave of respect to all the Proud fathers, brothers, fiances, husbands for having given their woman the respect and support she is rightful of and for not feeling ashamed unlike the other men for being behind and beside her through her thick and thin.

And Appa & Amma you guys have always been and will forever be my inspiration and Paa you’re that MAN who knows how to treat his WOMAN just right!


Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.🤗😘

(Ramasubramanian– The MAN behind this Extremely Proud Woman)

Censored Lusts

Do LUST necessarily have to relate with sexual fantasies? If yes! You’re absolutely false. Why does it always have to be sexual cravings? Can’t a woman lust at her life? Can’t she lust for happiness? “Censored Lusts” takes you through a series of events that pops into a woman’s mind every now and then!

She gazed through her window, pondering upon the enigmas of life. Millions of thoughts and questions popped as a jittery knife that probed and provoked her to retort. “What am I doing to myself? Where is my life heading towards?”, she demanded an answer not from her lips but from her soul.

Glitches of sarcasm and taunts haunted her. She glanced at her unwaxed arms and hairy limbs. Her overgrown brows and dark mustache had no genuine answers. Disgusted with her extravagant curves and patchy armpits and thighs she despised and scorned at her existence. “But why??”, the woman inside her disputed with her brain again and again. Stripping her clothes off, she glared herself in front of the mirror. Unfastening her frizzy, greasy hair she let it flow over her shoulders. She then picked up her favourite hot red lip shade and peeked at her once again. “Not bad woman!” smirked her soul whilst her bitchy brain mocked at her for her looks.

Image courtesy:

“What would he be thinking about me? Does he even like me? Who is he to me? Is he just my friend or crush? Or have I fallen for him?”, her ruthless psyche began bombarding her with quizzes. “I guess I like him, or maybe I even love him but is it love? Noooo! How can it be love! It neither seem nor feel so. Or is it Lust? His warmth does feel good and pampering makes me happy. Gosh! It is lust! I’m afraid if the world will judge me if it turns out to be lust!”, she freaked out and exploded with random counters.

She resolved as she gazed through the window and her ponderings came to an halt. Burying her fancies and desires, she censored her lusts putting it in its deathbed. “BUT WHY?”, kept echoing her inner soul, but never got any answer.

So tell me, Isn’t this what we’ve always been doing? C’mon you woman don’t deny! Your secrets are no longer hideous. Why are you ashamed of yourselves? Why are you curtailing your desires? Is it immoral to be filled with lusts? Yes! I do have lusts and I love the way I’m. Don’t you have them too? Maybe you can cease your lusts but you know what! You can never censor the truth!

To a beautiful 2018!


Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.


The world is wierd! And so it’s people are! All these years I’ve been deleberately thinking about how men outnumber and dominate women in the society. But never have I ever thought the reason behind such attitude of theirs. Well, I’m not here to throw light on the actual odds of men over women but don’t you think there are odds from our side too!? Agreed men harrass and rape women, men sexually assault women. But don’t you think women do them too?

C’mon let us all take a moment to sit back and analyse. No person is evil ever since they were born. No one is born a psychopath, not all men are rapist to greedily eye our fleshes. You’ve your father and your brother, your friend and your husband, are they one of that kind? Are they hitting on you? If yes, fight back your asses off to teach them tight, the right lesson.

Researches reveals that 1 in 6 men are sexually exploited. Men are also being forcefully used for some women’s physical pleasures in schools, universities, workplaces and where not. They are being tortured and suppressed mentally and physically. And the surprising fact is that such woes are unsaid and unheard. Now where does your gender equality stand? Have we actually misinterpreted equality to be inequality?

Let’s start afresh. What do you call a woman taking a stand for her fellow women? – “FEMINIST”. Now how can you even tag a man “A CHAUVINIST”, when they voice out their opinions or try to take a stand for themselves. We are just human beings with different heads and brains. So, what is wrong when a man has a different opinion nevertheless of it being right or wrong.

Not here to blame women, because irrespective of the umpteen efforts the truth shall be never washed off. All we wanted is to gain mutual respect, equality and justice. Having enjoying the benefits, women should strongly now realise how a man’s life has changed during the course of evolution. He works hard and she works too. He takes care of the kids and she does it too. He’s educated and so you’re equally skilled. Don’t you think things are square now?

“We live in a patriarchal society, because I’m a girl I would have to leave my parents when I’m married and so the whole of my world will flip out”, I’d always used to curse the cliche practices and myths. Then why do you women would always use your master minds to snatch your so- called-husbands from the clench of their parents? Men do have heart and emotions. They’d love you and their parents as well. Now shall I count it under injustice too?

Why do you always have to picture your in-laws as demons and vamps? I know not everyone can always be sweet to your face and neither you don’t always have to butter your “Pathi Dev”(Husband) nor “Saasu Maa” (Mother-in-law). And you guys know what? It all starts with us and also ends with us (Women), because life is a bommerang. What you sow is what you reap.

So, let us stop portraying ourselves to be the victims and start afresh a life where equality actually remains to be mutual and equal. The rest let us leave it to the karma to tackle.

Happy International Men’s Day!😍

Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.

(A Proud Woman)

Me & The Midnight

Young woman, early 20s, hands on camera and out for the night? Must be nothing of a big deal for you, but still is a dream for many!

Wandering in the city late in the night, beams of bright light and the sounds of ‘Zoom and vroom vroom’ echoed across streets breaking the melancholic silence. People pulled themselves up from the snooze mode to pay a look at the girl in sweatpants and shoes with a camera hanging around her neck. However before the glances fell any down, there I was all eager to plunge in love with city’s most beautiful night life. Yes, My first ever night in the city!


Hailing from an extremely loving and protective family has always been my boon and bane. Dad and mum keeps showering their love and concern which turned me into ‘Dadda’s Daughter’. But for how long will it be possible for me stay dependent and naive! And that’s when I got the chance to crack the code around me.

The extremely cold breeze made me crave for it more and more as it blew across my face, cars and trucks sped across the highway tearing down the night’s innocent mask, the bright yellow street lights were nothing less of a Sparkler and there I held my breath to relish the best night of my life.

Hundreds of eyes!

The night did have a more beautiful detailing than the day. The view from the deserted bridge covered whole of the city. It was 1 AM yet the buses in the depots were still stuffed with people. Women were dressed in sarees of sheer and satins, where one grumpy uncle took pleasure by scratching his back and the other woke up the kid sleeping next to him as he yawned loud like a big thunder storm and how can I not mention the bunch of love bees who literally did nothing but nuisance which also entertained the people around for killing their longest night.


The Midnight khaana

Food is what my life is all about. Steaming cups of chai and coffee with crispy vada, the aroma of samosa, bajji and bonda, the ‘Cling cling’ noise from the ‘kadala anna’ (One who sells roasted ground nut), ‘kaara Pori and solam’ (Spicy puffed rice and corn) added oil to my burning hunger. Woah, Isn’t it mouth watering? (P.S.I’m already drooling). The constant nagging of the so called chat waala literally dragged people towards it. Seriously! But who gobbles ‘Masala puri and egg fried rice’ so late in the night?


The busy street!

It was past 2.30 AM and woke the busiest street falling under its routine. The “Poo market”. The aura is extremely beautiful to be explained, the radio played songs aloud, The laymen kept loading and unloading the trucks with goods, fragrance of Agarbattis(Incense sticks) gelled with the 100s of sacks of vibrant and fragrant flowers, the florists were busy making garlands and the shopping cart kept filling in and this carries on 24×7.


Pictures credit: Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian

Wait, it’s not over yet. We drove around the city for an another hour to fall more deeply in love with the streets. It was almost half past 3 Am when I reached home and guess what? It was Dad who was still up for his dear daughter to come back. Obviously, he was worried and scared if I was safe and sound yet he believed in me. I know it takes so much for a parent to let their 21 year old kid to stay out so late in the night but they did. After all the best times I’ve had I bid good-bye to the night with a very proud feel of accomplishing something unbelievable.

Ofcourse I was eyed by men, I was gazed from top to bottom, I was passed after slimy looks and winks but at the end of the day it was just, ‘Me & The Midnight’.

A special note,

Kannan Athimber!!! (Brother-in-law) Thank you so much for taking me out and letting me live the 270 minutes to the fullest . It wouldn’t have been possible without you and as I said you really make a great photographer.


Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.

Blue Whale- The Sick Suicide Challenge

ATTENTION PLEASE! Parent’s and guardian’s! This is high time for you to notice.

How many of you came across the virally outbursting “Blue Whale Challenge” case in the social media and news sheets? What is the challenge?Who are victims been trapped? The answer will freeze your brains and bones- Teens! Shocking isn’t it? Well, after all the suicides and attempt to end up lives the Government had now put ‘THE END’ to the ONLINE URLs that paved way for the teenagers towards the deadly challenge. But what is Blue Whale? Stay in with me throughout the thread to know more!

Image courtesy:


Blue Whale is not just a game nor an application that shall be downloaded from an App Store or Playstore. The links for the suicidal challenge spread like forest fire in social platforms and websites available in the world wide web. The online challenge is stipulated for a timeframe of 50 days where the challenger (The player) stays in touch with the Curator (The administrator). Everyday the curator challenges a player with a task and the player records a video of him/her completing the task given. Sounds simple and fair right? But hey, hold on let me furnish you with some of the challenges.

The Blue Whale Challenges

The challenge ranges from 1-50 daily tasks. For say, “Carving an image of a whale or some phrase with a razor on your hand and sending a picture to the curator, watching and listening to psychedelic horror videos and music at 4.20Am everyday, Slicing arms and legs with cipher and needles along with veins, challenged to go an extremely higher altitude roof top and climbing a crane, provoked to visit a railroad, Made to do secret tasks and hallucinate them by asking the teen to talk to a whale and vow that he/she’s a whale” and the 50th task is to “Jump off from a high building and take his/her life”. And once the task is done the player sends it to the curator for approval and the process continues.

Image courtesy:


The ultimate moto of the everyday challenge is to make the player mentally unstable and bring in suicidal tendencies in them. It arouses the curiosity of the teen to do such attempts. The poor players unaware of the deadly addiction begin to take up the tasks just as a one day fun but apparently end up slewing themselves.

Eventually with every passing day the disturbed soul sinks down & down and turn hopelessly lost in the brutal game. The shocking fact is that, this challenge has been in existence since 2004. Slowly the deadly trend reached India and ultimately took away the lives of several teenager’s by provoking them to attempt suicide by strangling themselves to death.


However the Government and the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology of India have ordered digital platform like, Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on to officially put down and block the links for Whale Challenge. There are few alerts and awareness for the parents and guardians:

    • Kindly check you children’s activities linked with Internet and mobile devices.
    • If possible, stay around the kids when they are using internet and other digital devices.
    • Talk to your children and spend some lone time with them on a daily basis to create a friendly rapport.
    • Do not pressurize children to stick to curriculum and studies 24*7 (It is a very bad parenting technique).
    • Take your teen for a counselling session if he/she seems low and dull for a comparatively long timeframe.(This doesn’t mean that they’ve lost their mental stability, it’s just a relaxation method to open up themselves).

However, even after all such dreadful incidents the Blue Whale Challenge is just held as a suspective motive behind the suicides and nothing has been confirmed or proved yet. Now having lost the chance to save their children the cries of the parents is nothing but of useless.

So, if you’re a parent, if you have a sibling or even if you love your fellow being all you have to do is to educate your kids and teens around not to fall as a prey for such cyber brutality because ‘A life once lost is lost forever’.

Naked- Discover your true self.

Do you enjoy your naked self? Are you still struggling to vent out your agonies? Then you are at the right place to unfold yourself. But hey don’t get me wrong. I meant your naked soul and not your naked body.

Life’s a huddle and in that huddle you may always not find someone who actually loves your true self. But never loose hope in life, because you never know love and respect may knock your door anytime. Who said it is women who are always fragile? There are men who are sensitive and women who are extremely mean but their tales are left unheard. Not to blame the society but blame yourself for not being true to yourself. If you can no longer stay honest and transparent to yourself then how do expect yourself to be the same to others? If you are being abused, then who should be held responsible? Isn’t it you who should be blamed for letting yourself down in the eyes of the others?

There’re million of questions unanswered in me. Everytime when I’m being let down or mentally/ physically assaulted I tend to grow furious of why is that I’m always being victimised! The stress and pressure eats my head and gulps my self-peace.

Eventually one day, when I found out the answer the rush of relief is unexplainable and something that I have never ever experienced. The sole answer to end up in a solution is discovering your “Naked self”. The nakedness of inner soul, inner happiness and self esteem. So, folks it’s never late to enjoy your nakedness. Just sit back and enjoy being naked and hey amidst admiring yourself don’t forget to discover your true self.

Facing the mirror gazing at herself,

Glistened her eyes peeking at her naked self,

Off the tastes of sour and bitter,

Flashed her past like streams of jitter.

Bruises of violence,

Sealed by her years of silence,

Nothing left to mourn,

She finally set on towards her unruffled sojourn.

Nevermore she fancied her curves,

Nor dared to expose her posied soul,

Yearned to unmask herself,

And lusted to come out of her shell,

Cherished her naked self and she discovered her true self.

Janmashtami Special

Krishan Jayanthi/Gokulaashtami or Janmashtami is around the corner! So tell me! Are you chamathhu kozhandells helping out your mom with shopping ‘Vennai (butter)’ and by paying frequent visits to ‘Maavu mill (Flour mill)’ ? Well,I did. Every year right from my childhood I used to eagerly wait for this special festival! I really don’t know if there’s a specific reason, may be the tiny foot prints of Krishnar and Amma’s mouth watering dishes excites me more than anything.

I still remember it all starts with dressing up babies in Baal Krishna’s attire (Just like the one for fancy dress competition). The ‘Ottiko kattiko- Velcro dhoti’ exposes the baby’s big belly , the mandatory dummy flute and the peacock feather stuck to the hairless head of the kid. And today amma still cherishes the memories where she dipped mine and akka’s baby feet in “Arisi maavu” making Krishna’s route to the Pooja room.

So getting to the point! The preparations kick starts couple of days before the big day to commemorate krishna’s birthday. The savouries and sweets are must to be tatsed. The delicious salt and sweet seedai, the rich and devouring rava laddu with rasins secretly hidden inside, the crispy butter murukku melts the moment you drop them inside your mouth, pots of milk and creamy curd and of course the star of the day “Mr.Butter”. Woah!! My mouth starts to linger!

Eventually as the dawn falls, awaits the year’s biggest feast to baby krishna. Adorning the idol with flowers and offerings of fruits and the specialy made (Neivedhyams) sweets and savouries. And there I’m resisting the urge to grab the first bite of the murukku and gobble up two rava laddus at a time once the karpooram (camphor) goes off soon after the Dheeparadhanai! Only then comes the day to an end after successfully completing two poojas; one for Krishna and the other for my tummy which barely gets tired even after all the gulping and the endless loading!

Isn’t it lovely to just travel back and forth between your childhood to adulthood!? I bet you are missing the good old days but it’s always a pleasure to look back. So what are you paavam kozhandells in abroad and in unknown cities upto? Missing home? Or missing Amma’s murukku and seedai? If yes! Drop me in your memorable krishna Jayanthi memories and may lord Krishna shower you with strength, happiness, romance and lots & lots of love.

Picture courtesy:

Happy Janmashtami!💛

Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.

Break up with ‘Breakup’

Aren’t you guys wondering why is that I always come up with writings orbiting around love, relationship and marriage? Well, you shall ask me why but I really don’t have a great answer to it. So let’s get straight! I’d always say- Somehow, at some point of time, under some weird influences we absolutely fall head over heels in love! It’s a fact and you can’t deny it. For some it’ll work out of blue and for some it’s an another missed boat! But don’t you think crying over the split milk is an utter nonsense? Because, ‘Breakup’ breaks you down, so better ‘Break up’ with breakup before the ‘Breakup’ breaks you more! (Woo hoo! Doesn’t it sound much like a tounge- twister?)

Your tears are still far from the cry of those who doesn’t really deserve you. I swear it’s really hard to see your sulking face, swollen eyes, messed up hair, un maintained jungli beard and in the shabby pajamas of yours. And I’m not here to say, ‘ Oh! I’m so sorry to hear that’, ‘Oops! Must have been hard to digest the truth right?’ nor to mourn your loss but to party with you for your narrow escape! So, here are few ‘Must Do’s’ to unhook yourself from the “Breakup zone”!

Tip 1: Cleanse your aura!

This is one cleansing method to get rid yourself off the memories, good old days, the so called romantic stuffs and gifts and ofcourse how can I forget the pictures afterall? Cleanse, cleanse & cleanse and once you feel that you’re all holy guess what? Cleanse again and say goodbye! (‘cuz I know you are still not over it and I cannot take a chance).

Tip 2: Never hesitate to smack if someone post-mortems your past!

Trust me! There are lot of people out there more interested to check out your ass than theirs! And dare you hesitate to give one sweet punch on their face afterall they’re jobless except for sprinkling salt onto your cuts!

Tip 3: Care for some lone time!

Having cleansed your aura and returning the nosy people the flavour of their own medicine, spare yourself some lone quality time. Care for a fancy dinner in your cozy room lit up with candles, read your favourite picked novel with a steaming cup of coffee or chaai, dust up the old PlayStation, go for nice long walk or a drive with your favourite kind of music on, travel and laugh your life out or may be you shall do something that you’ve always wanted to do! I bet you’ll totally figure out your worth at the end of the day.

Tip 4: It’s Spa season!

Rejuvenation is a must! Lot of people find it useless but count on me it absolutely works. Treat yourself with a relaxing and calming spa treatment. Why not some Pedicure and manicure, some luscious hair spa and yeah Chop, chop, chop! your hair is done. Groom up to flatter the hot chicks and hunks out there with the your newest macho and hot avtar. So,Why just be an ex, be THE HOTTEST EX!

Tip 4: Hang around with fellas!
Friends and family are the one and one only cure to every single problem and pains of yours. They don’t tell you that they care but they do more than they care. Try to grab atleast a meal with them, hang around the house or have a quick visit to family. Make sure to flush out the pent up agony and negativities. And no matter what happens just remember that friends and family are always a blessing in disguise.

Tip 5: Focus on your future!

You are absolutely perfect now. You’re guilt-free, stress-free, independent, strong and a contended Man/Woman. Look out and set onto the path of your dream career. Nothing is a rocket science that’s hard to achieve. Finally, listen to what your heart says and enjoy the rest of your life to the zenith.

Spilling insights is my favourite hobby ‘cuz every person is special and every soul deserves happiness. Not every lovers are happy and not every lovers who parted ways are traumatized. The ball is on your court and I really now feel that’s it’s time to ‘ Break up with ‘Breakup’, because your life costs you more than an arm and a leg!

Happy reading,

Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.