Break up with ‘Breakup’

Aren’t you guys wondering why is that I always come up with writings orbiting around love, relationship and marriage? Well, you shall ask me why but I really don’t have a great answer to it. So let’s get straight! I’d always say-  Somehow, at some point of time, under some weird influences we absolutely fall head over heels in love! It’s a fact and you can’t deny it. For some it’ll work out of blue and for some it’s an another missed boat! But don’t you think crying over the split milk is an utter nonsense? Because, ‘Breakup’ breaks you down, so better ‘Break up’ with  breakup before the ‘Breakup’ breaks you more! (Woo hoo! Doesn’t it sound much like a tounge- twister?)

Your tears are still far from the cry of those who doesn’t really deserve you. I swear it’s really hard to see your sulking face, swollen eyes, messed up hair, un maintained jungli beard and in the shabby pajamas of yours. And I’m not here to say, ‘ Oh! I’m so sorry to hear that’, ‘Oops! Must have been hard to digest the truth right?’ nor to mourn your loss but to party with you for your narrow escape! So, here are few ‘Must Do’s’ to unhook yourself from the “Breakup zone”! 

Tip 1: Cleanse your aura!

This is one cleansing method to get rid yourself off the memories, good old days, the so called romantic stuffs and gifts and ofcourse how can I forget the pictures afterall? Cleanse, cleanse & cleanse and once you feel that you’re all holy guess what? Cleanse again and say goodbye! (‘cuz I know you are still not over it and I cannot take a chance).

Tip 2: Never hesitate to smack if someone post-mortems your past!

Trust me! There are lot of people out there more interested to check out your ass than theirs! And dare you hesitate to give one sweet punch on their face afterall they’re jobless except for sprinkling salt onto your cuts!

Tip 3: Care for some lone time!

Having cleansed your aura and returning the nosy people the flavour of their own medicine, spare yourself some lone quality time. Care for a fancy dinner in your cozy room lit up with candles, read your favourite picked novel with a steaming cup of coffee or chaai, dust up the old PlayStation, go for nice long walk or a drive with your favourite kind of music on, travel and laugh your life out or may be you shall do something that you’ve always wanted to do! I bet you’ll totally figure out your worth at the end of the day.

Tip 4: It’s Spa season!

Rejuvenation is a must! Lot of people find it useless but count on me it absolutely works. Treat yourself with a relaxing and calming spa treatment. Why not some Pedicure and manicure, some luscious hair spa and yeah Chop, chop, chop! your hair is done. Groom up to flatter the hot chicks and hunks out there with the your newest macho and hot avtar. So,Why just be an ex, be THE HOTTEST EX!

Tip 4: Hang around with fellas!
Friends and family are the one and one only cure to every single problem and pains of yours. They don’t tell you that they care but they do more than they care. Try to grab atleast a meal with them, hang around the house or have a quick visit to family. Make sure to flush out the pent up agony and negativities. And no matter what happens just remember that friends and family are always a blessing in disguise.

Tip 5: Focus on your future!

You are absolutely perfect now. You’re guilt-free, stress-free, independent, strong and a contended Man/Woman. Look out and set onto the path of your dream career. Nothing is a rocket science that’s hard to achieve.  Finally, listen to what your heart says and enjoy the rest of your life to the zenith.

Spilling insights is my favourite hobby ‘cuz every person is special and every soul deserves happiness. Not every lovers are happy and not every lovers who parted ways are traumatized. The ball is on your court and I really now feel that’s it’s time to ‘ Break up with ‘Breakup’, because your life costs you more than an arm and a leg!

Happy reading,

Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian.


‘So, It’s your turn now to get married, Get married before you turn bald, When are you planning for the “Kalyana Virundhu”, Get married soon before you become too old to conceive a baby’ annoying isn’t it?

To all those “Chamathhu Kozhandhells” who run away hearing the word “Kalyanam(Marriage)” and to all those relatives and parents who are never tired of chasing them.

Kalyanam-Kathirikkai” is one sad yet an honest note about the atrocities and eventualities that every single youth of 20’s encounter on their daily routine. Woah you have started to judge me right? Well! Don’t think that it’s my story but that tale which flips the dreams of many fellas into nightmares! Here it goes!

Rule:1 An Engineering graduate is qualified to get married!       

Preferably girl/boy who has completed B.E/MBBS/BL etc or specifically an Ms holder residing in abroad! Are you interviewing us for a job opening? “Hai hai he’s a journalist! How can you marry him ‘cuz his life is under stake?, Ayooo she’s a fashion designer she must be wearing tiny clothes even after marriage” and bammm you’re rejected! 

Rule:2 “Good looking, fair and belonging to affluent family”.

“Beta! I’ve found you a girl she’s fair so must be obviously good looking, The guy’s father is a bank manager! I bet the guy must also have great earnings, *Racism overloaded*.” We understand you desparately want us to get married but don’t you think these pointless taboos in today’s world is really going to help your sons or daughters find a genuine partner?

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Rule:3 Yay to “Abroad Maapillai” and Nay to “Abroad Ponnu”.

Huhn? A girl born or brought up in abroad must necessarily be uncultured right? “Oops she must have tons of boyfriends!, *Hush hush* She must have already had sex because she’s in abroad *Hush Hush*, Ewwww I know Lakshmi Athai’s neighbour’s Friend’s cousin’s neice smokes because she lives in abroad!” On the contrary “Congratulations foreign Maapillai ah? Very good very good! Nice selection”. 

P.S. Meh!!! No comments! 

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Rule:4 Your sister is in line! You must now get married.

*Cliche, cliche, cliche* This is one big pressure borne by every single man out there. By the time you turn 26 you must have a car, a 3bhk flat, a minimum of 1L salary per month (Lol! Minimum huhn) and here he’s all set for marriage. But don’t you think your daughters must also have the same ownings? I agree your son-in-law would treat your daughter like a queen but shouldn’t the queen share her king’s burden? Oh wait! How can I forget. You have an another daughter in line to spoil her life by the time she turns 20 right?

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Rule:5 Get married whenever the astrologer says!

Raasi, Lagnam, Jaathagam etcetera! etcetra! And who decides this not you, not even your parents but a random astrologer whacks your life up! ‘It’s high time to get married with in this year because your horoscope says you won’t find a partner for the next half decade!’

Rule:6 The BIG NIGHT’S investigation

Isn’t it ridiculous to ask them how did the night go or to ask them if they did it right? You think I’m cooking this rule up nah? Your cousins must have got married recently well! You shall check this out with them. Grow up you oldies! They are adults now and you needn’t explain what to do and how to do.

Rule:7 Where’s the good news?
Alright! Your kids are married now and all the formalities are done! The honeymoon, the visits to relative’s houses, shifting places and what are you waiting for? Go on start shooting them with “When are you going to give us the good news?”. Afterall they’ve got married just to gift you with grandchildren right?

Rule:8 Always have your husband under control!

In which angle do your husband look like remote cars! You charge him up, instruct him what to do and above all ” Force him to divorce his parents”. However they’ve just brought him up for years, educated him, got him a big house and have found you as his partner but how do you repay them?- “Why can’t we move out separately? I would like to have some  privacy!” You seriously are dumb wifeys! 

P.S. Can you tell me who’s the real victim now?

Well you might think that I am just repeating the usual dialogues when there’re profound issues prevailing. I do know that there is still this dowry, marital rape, domestic violence and so on. But you know what? All the above rules are laid by those so called educated, middle and upper-middle class families in the materialistic society who boast themselves to be broad minded and social. Ofcourse not here to blame nor to critize anyone but a petite attempt from my part from letting you being blamed. 

Ultimately who wouldn’t want to taste their Kalyana Kathirikkai? It’s just that you must make and let them make it tasteful!

Raped And Ravaged

Since I was a child my Amma(Mom) always used to instruct me “Kanna! Never let anyone touch you and especially never talk to strangers”. But then I never really understood the motive behind what she said nor questioned her with what and whys! And all of sudden the truth struck me hard in my adolescents​.

Yes,Gang-Rape! Child sexual abuse! Female trafficking! Molestation! Acid attack! Mutilation of private parts! Ufff! It is way much painful than it sounds. And how are they tagged “Rape victims”. But why? And for what? Just because a beast has no control over his sexual fantasies and dirty lustful urges, why are these innocent children and women are being preyed for sex? 

It puts me into this who world of rage and aggravation everytime I come across such incidents. But seriously a 10month old baby brutally been raped by paternal uncle! And what else is left to for the parents to have for life? The blood stained frock of the baby? This is sickening!

What happened when our India’s daughter stayed out late for the night? I guess it’s the girl’s fault to hang out after it’s 6pm right? Oh no no! She’s characterless ‘cuz she has a male friend or may be she was wearing skinny clothes and all these traits invited those men to rape her. Right? Why can’t a 23 year old girl chose the life she wants to live? And guess what! she was rewarded with her intestine torn into pieces, metal rod & glass bottle in her genitals and thrown naked unconsciously on the busy streets of the famous city.Just because she doesn’t have a penis, is she deprived of all rights and freedom? 

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Agreed! If it was her fault the reason behind she was raped, how come the 12 year old kid was gang-raped and burnt alive with acids? And this happened​ hardly a week ago and it barely fell into many of the deaf insensitive ears of the country. Why did the 29 year old law student was gruesomely raped, stabbed and inhumanly murdered in her own house? She was found in pool of blood where her breasts were found to be repeatedly stabbed and her body has been grossly sliced. 

With his every single thrust,

She felt her blood flow,

With her every single tear,

She watched her soul die slow.

There are innumerable times where we’d think someday or the other this barbarities and killings will come to end but the ultimate painful truth is that these sexual torchers happen in every 20 minutes in India with not even a slightest ray of shrinking. Clueless of why and where things starts to go wrong. I don’t know if we are yet to face an another Nirbhaya Or an another Jisha! But the truth is that it hurts. Rape hurts not just physically but mentally, emotionally because irrespective of the gender the agony, the torture and the sufferings borne are all the same.

Yesterday it was someone, today it could be someone and who knows tomorrow it could be your sister, wife, daughter or your friend! But will the pain ever end?- Is still an unanswered petition!

It’s Not Your Fault!

All of us must have fallen for someone in our lives at some point of time. Some could have been a serious emotion and for some it could have just been a lusty fling! But you know what ‘It’s not your fault’.

Yes, It’s not your fault that you betrayed your lover, it’s not your fault that you abused him/her, it’s not your fault because double-timing isn’t a problem when you were already in love and it’s really not your fault everytime you broke all the so-called promises you did! It is very simple to say ” Oh yea! We broke ‘cuz it dint work” and it takes a millisecond to say “Nah! I cannot see my future with you”.

But you know whose fault is it? It was and it is your significant other’s! It’s your partner’s fault to trust you every single time even after knowing that you’ve cheated, it’s you your soulmate’s fault for having been with you inspite of all your shitty abusals, it’s your “Bae’s” fault for loving you unconditionally with absolute no expectations! And finally you know what the BIGGEST FAULT is!?- Falling in love with a person who has absolute no self respect and the nerves to own up!

And you! the crazy ones whining for having lost the life you dreamt! What do you get from such a life? “Happiness? – No!, Respect?- A big Nay!, Love?- Oh Please! c’mon who cares about your feelings!”. It’s true it hurts, it’s true that it rips up your heart, it’s true that thinking about falling in love again is a nightmare. But is it something that you can never give a second chance?   

“I’m giving up on you and my life, I cannot live without you, I can’t imagine a life where you are not there” initially these phrases never really bothered me but now the moment I hear someone say this my blood just starts to boil. SERIOUSLY! You’re giving up on your parents, friends, family and above all your life for a person who never really bothered to check if you’re alive? Are you nuts?

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 I totally agree it’s easy to say but it’s hard to handle when you’re in that situation. But honestly honey! Is it really worth it? C’mon there are lots of fishes in the ocean that you may fall in love with! Go dive in and grab the one your heart says. It is perfectly fine to feel depressed and sad but dare you feel guilty! You tumble, you fall ane you must again set on with your journey of life. 

Never be sorry or never regret your decisions afterall it’s your life! So live it to the fullest and condition free! And I’m sure you will simply sense the beauty of it!

Labor Of Love

Pregnancy! Injections! Morning sickness! Nauseousness! Cramps & aches and yes ofcourse she puts on a minimum of 20 pounds. Never experienced what our mom has gone through right? 

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But you know what? This whole labor thing she went through was not just her pain but the biggest pleasure she cherishes for life. It is not as easy as it sounds, to nurture a foetus every day, carry it on her belly for 9 whole months, talking to the unborn child of her own and the immeasurable love she has on the unseen soul. Finally after all the cries of labor, there she delivers you- her little angel she has been longing for, with those pretty tiny fingers & feet, with an adorable calm smile. It is then she realises the reason behind this huge toil- Yes, She’s a Mom!💟

Amma, I still remember all those you’ve sacrificed for us (Myself and Akka). You used to tell how much you were scared the first time when you’ve been into the delivery ward, you let those injections prick you whilst akka was in your tummy, the amount of chores you did even when you were pregnant and yes ofcourse your Bombay Jilebi craving minutes before I was born! Haha may be that’s why I’m now as ‘Gol’ as Jilebi. Those sleepless nights where you and paati had trying to put me to sleep untill protecting me from akka’s vishemams. I still wonder how you managed us and the household chores just at the age of 20! Well, look at me I’m 20 and still I’m a lazy bum where I weep to takecare of myself.

Maaa, have you ever felt us a burden or commitment? You work hard everyday right from washing, cleaning, dusting, cooking, getting us ready to school, feed us stomach full, look after thatha and paati and yes you did have time for Dad. But how? How can you even do all these simultaneously? We have never appreciated your efforts though we’d be nothing today without those. I remember you threatning us saying “Otha kannaa varran” to “Chamathha Mammu chaapdala na Chuk Chuk palli un thalai ya thinnudum”. You looked after us, sacrificed your 25 years of life, did everything by yourself even when you were sick but you’ve got nothing in return execept the word “AMMA”.  We truly love you maa!!

We have no ideas if we really deserve this love of yours. I don’t know if I’ll be a good friend to my kids like you are to us, I don’t know if I will ever cook delicious mammu like you do, I really don’t know if I will love my future family as much as you do but maa you’ll be our role model. That role model who taught us what life is all about, that mentor who made us say our first word, you held our hands every single time we slipped in our path, and made us realise the difference between materialistic and immaterialistic pleasures and yes that pretty woman who brought out all the good qualities and talents in us. 

Thank you Amma for being our backbone, thank you for all your sacrifices, thankyou for every single minute you’ve spent for us and thank you maa for bearing us all these years. But listen one day we’ll make you & appa proud and you guys better wait for that day to come!

Love and respect to the Super Woman of every family💓 and Maa we’ll forever be your daughters first and only then someone’s wife!

Happy mother’s day!😘

And if you’re really love your mom just go give her the biggest hug and express your love and gratitude for her. Do share with me in the below comment section if you’ve such cute memories with your Amma/Maa/Mumma/Ammi!

To That Special Soul

Life is like a coaster ride full of booms & busts, bams & bumps! But have you ever noticed that special someone who has always been by your side no matter what! It’s true that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever and it’s also true that people do make promises when it shines and come up with execuses when it storms. But all we were concerned was only about our materialistic pleasures and happiness. And today is just for that special soul who’s been in my life not for so long yet the only person with whom I would love to grow old.

Yes! To my special someone for all the unconditional love and affection, for all the warm hugs and yes ofcourse for all the ‘sweetnothings’. I know handling me would’ve been the difficult part of our life but you know what you’ve mastered the Art of Patience. There’s been no day where I have been without crying or complaining but you quickly chose to love me the way I’m. You’ve no ideas how much you’ve emotionally supported me in this very short span of time. And the most beautiful part is when you come up with comforting answers for all my lame questions full of stupidity, “What is that made you friends with me? Do I talk too much? What nailpaint looks good on me; candy pink or mauve pink? Will you cry if I die? How much do you think I paid for this pedicure? What are you gonna gift me on my wedding?” and what not random questions I’ve bombarded you with. 

I’m totally left in short of words to tell you how does it feels when you have someone to whom you shall flush out all the pent up agony and pains at the end of the day. Wondering what shall I name this bond? We’ll I’d better let it UNNAMED and turn deaf ears to this judgemental world we live in.  

I wouldn’t bind this bond with a name,

Because not all love is the same,

To crave for such someone has been many’s the aim,

And if you generalise us as LOVERS then it’s your shame!

But just tell me once! why did you again chose me over all my imperfections & immaturity? Isn’t it enough that you have been there for me through my thick & thin and pampered this grownup kid that noone else did. I have no clues of how to repay you for all that you have done but the least I could do is to show some gratitude and payback you with the same or may be even a bigger amount of love.For all the time and attention you’ve paid and for enduring all my crankiness and nagging. This is a toast to this very special bond we share and wishing more years together. And this small piece of note is also to that special someone of yours for their love, love and the love they’ve for you.

To That Special Soul who’s NOT my bloodmate, lover nor the love of my life but a partner to cherish for LIFE.

To That Special Soul……💓💓

Ending? No, We’ve Just Begun!

To the all the known & unknown final year FRIENDS!💙

Isn’t it weird to always wait for something to get over and then later wish if it hadn’t really ended? That’s what human life is all about. It’s so true that you’ll never understand the value of something unless you lose it and now having lost 3 years of college life we are still greedy for an another grace period. Life isn’t like shopping where you get discounts and extensions! And especially college life is  something beyond what we imagine and dream of. 

Tears of joy splashed across the hall where every drop of them had a reason for, those unexplainable mixed emotions kept swirling your tummy, those warm hugs you’ve seldom had, the fear of losing something that you never wished to end and of course the friends you’ve made will no longer be your FRIENDS but your FAMILY. Not everyone is gifted with great set of friends but you know what we’ve the amazing college with super amazing lot of friends! I never knew college is something that you’ll ever feel hard to leave & now the thought of stepping out and parting ways traumatizes me. 

And do you remember our first day together? Those formal ‘hi and hellos’ has now turned into ‘Yo bitch! Wassup?’, the morning’s gossiping sessions, sipping on the same cup of chai & coffee, infinite hands in one lunch box, taking your name when your crush passes by, sleeping during lectures and seminars, being remembered not by your name but a very special nickname, drooling looking at a hot hunk/chick, making funny faces when your friends comes forward for a presentation, those birthday bumps, the frequent heavenly trips to the restroom, trolling the class representative, the Masti during culturals, those beautiful IV days, sleeping over at your friends place, the everyday hostel “GALATTA”, cursing the mess food, the struggle of getting the no-due cleared and yes of course the last minute project submission. Clueless of with whom should I do all these again!

GRD you’ll forever be in our hearts!”

Wondering if I will ever be able to make such Friends and wish if I could ever     re-live this life just the same? Those words “Goodbyes, Keep in touch, Do invite for your wedding” freaked me out and strikes me hard, “Shit man! Everything has really come to an end”. The friends to whom you’ve always said “Let’s bunk tomorrow”, “Let’s plan a trip to Goa this sem break” has now faded and turned into “I will miss you and please don’t forget me”. Obviously you will be forever be cherished and kept in touch with but the truth is that you’ll be missed. You’ll be missed every time I utter the word ‘college & friends’, you’ll be missed whenever​ I spot a gang of friends screaming and having fun in a cinema theatre, you’ll be missed every single day and yes! you will be forever missed the instance I rewind the journey of my life.

I know there are handful of bitter flashbacks, few betrayals and few heartbreaks but don’t you think you can try forgetting such moments instead of the person? May be our ego would’ve been in first place than the love we once had for them but remember, the love you had will never fade because they​ must have somewhere or sometime been a part of your life. And one fine day when you turn around and look back at your life all these petty issues would seem nothing in front of the great times and bonds you’ve made. So keep in mind, this is not just the end but a beginning of a brand new phase of life together, so keep telling yourself ‘People may physically fade but the memories you made and the footprints you left will be just the same”.

To my happiness– Pradeep & Apoorrva not to forget about you two! My love for you guys is unconditional and I’m sure this TRIO friendship will last for life!💓

Afterall this is not just an end but a  beautiful beginning!

The Unwritten Woes!

​Dear Life,

I hope that you are still interested in me but I don’t know what forced you to tumble my journey towards peace and happiness. Do you remember how we used to be? Yes I’m the same old girl who loved you despite your ignorance, I do remember how you made people mock at me! I’m that dusky quaint girl who still oils and braids her long hair, my love for “Malli poo” (Jasmine) is irresistible, my closet is stuffed with only Churidars & Sarees! I adore the sound of my anklet and admire the Bindi that makes me feel complete. But you know what was my only fault? 

I did change. I changed for something that never really mattered and someone who never really bothered if I ever existed. I ran behind those stupid skin lightening Creams, I was maniac about just 3 things – LOOKS, LOOKS & LOOKS. I chose contact lenses over my thick framed specs, I was more concerned about my outward attributes than my emotions, I painted my lips with stains and not with smiles, I chopped my hair out and inked my wounds, I hid the fear of survival behind my tears and I  whined, I sobbed and I wept in agony. I was bewildered and victimized but I still remained unnoticed. And guess what I got in return? BETRAYAL! I was bruised, shattered, agitated and offended. I was still called “Behenji”. My efforts made no sense yet I tried hard to prove my fake self to you. I strived, I strived and I again strived but in vain. 

I lost even that slightest ray of hope I had. I gave up on you and I set out to seek my doom. And one day I just looked back & I noticed something beyond the stabs, cuts and burns that you gave, to my surprise it was one soul who stood by my side throughout this torment. It was “Me – Unapologetic Me”. And now, I’m that quaint girl who solely sails her boat across the tides, I’m that “So-called-Behenji” you mocked at who is now much more powerful & confident with her mighty pen and not with her cosmetics and today I’m THE WOMAN who can bring around anything that she aims at.


Do looks determine success? How can you ever let people assume that you are weak? Why! Can’t you win the world if you are a “Behenji”? What does  your dusky tone has got to do with your confidence? Is it unsophisticated to wear churidar and sarees? I am sticking to my comfort zone! How does that qualify me? To the jerks who live in such falsehood please have some sense!

I do love him!

​“I was pampered when I was bummed, I felt motivated in spite of having lost in the race of life, I’ve always enjoyed the warmth of having a great partner for life and I cherish every single moment spent with him!” clueless of who am I talking about? I know, the obvious you’d think is your so called modern mindset of having a SO-CALLED-BOYFRIEND!

Well! I don’t deny the fact that he’s my boyfriend. He’s my BOY-FRIEND! He’s way too smart, he makes me laugh my life out and we make the best pal but don’t judge me, I’m not into him! I’m just in love with us. I do know that this subject is itself a cliche. But you know what? This will forever remain a forbidden myth. Let me just test you! What’s the first thing that strikes you when you hear the word SEX? We used to giggle to ourselves whenever we came across this word whilst we were in school.  But how many of us have really interpreted ‘sex’ as ‘gender classification’? Weirdly true isn’t it?

This isn’t because of the society we live in! It’s just that your perception towards CROSS-SEX FRIENDSHIP. When a guy and girl hangout together does it really mean that they are in a relationship? If at all they’re in love, why are you even bothered? And what is that cliche phrase? “Men and women cannot remain just friends!” Can someone please enlighten me the difference between being ‘ Friends’ & ‘Just Friends’. When a guy-guy/girl-girl can stay friends for life why not guy-girl? Do you actually think that a person’s sexual apparatus decides friendship? 


When I was a kid I always remember playing with guys. I was never bound to “Play with girls only” rule. Even if it turned out to be a hot summer I still remember playing ludo, snake & ladder, checkers etcetera with them. It was only during high school I came across such bizarre conditions that baffled me, “Aye! Don’t wear skirt, your panties will be shown”, “Quick, adjust your bra he’s coming”. I really don’t know if it is the friendship or the gender that is provoking you to come up with such stupid conceptions!

Yes I call him ‘Bae, love, sugar plum’ does it mean that I’m in love with him? ‘He hugs me if I’m cold, he holds my hand while crossing the street’, so, is he trying to make a move on me? “Look, there he’s with a girl by his side! I’m sure they’re messing up with each other”, “ Check out these cheesy picture! Lucky them they must be doing it”. Oh man! I’m so cooked up with these earful of bitchings. Why is there always a gender discrimination in friendship? I know he’s a GUY and I do know that he’s a friend but why do you always have to reiterate it? You don’t have to remind me of how to stay in limits with him when you barely understand the bond we share.

And you guys! Before mocking at us just empathize and dare you talk about having benefits over friendship. I’m glad that we’re always your hot subject to bitch about but thanks! you shall have your filth with yourselves. Now tell me, If you young fellows talk loads of crap about us just for your dirty pleasures what do you even expect from people who barely know what this cross-sex friendship is! How & what will you even educate your kids? Do you even realise how hard will it be if they are unaware of how to co-exist with both the sexes? Does forbidding your kids from mingling with the opposite sex will bring them laurels and make them disciplined? Think!

You’re ‘NOT’ just a girl

When we grew up our moms would have taught us how to clean,wash and especially train us to  make perfect Rasam, Sambar etcetera., But has she ever taught you to stand for yourself? I’m more than happy if she has! Except the bitter fact is that we live in a world where we are proud of our traditions, heritage and culture but you know what we actually shouldn’t be proud about.We are still far beyond because we still judge a girl’s character with the way she dresses,walks and talks!

Yes! I pout while taking selfies, I eat too much, I watch pornography! Does that makes me characterless? What is the matter if I’d like to ride bikes? ‘ I’m going on a trip to Goa!’, ‘Woah!! Look he’s damn hot!’ Do I look like a whore if I say so? ‘Girls must silently give in if they’re being raped else she will be killed’- says a rapist. My foot!!!! Are we your sex toys or in which angle we seem like your stinking condoms that you shall use and throw it off just like that?

C’mon if it’s my ability to make ‘Round Round’ dosas and rotis, or if it’s my fair complexion that makes people tag me a ‘Perfect Girl’ well, then let me not be one of that kind. This isn’t happening only now! Back then it was ‘Seeta’ who was made to walk into blazing fire to prove her sanctity. Where did your ‘So-called respect’ go when Draupadi was assaulted and abused in front of her husbands (HUSBANDS are you even kidding! Was she even a piece of furniture or commodity to be shared amongst FIVE!). Now let me again ask you a question, why don’t you worship Kannagi whose curse burnt the township of Madurai? Why it is not widespread?  Of Course she’s a ‘Paththini’ just like Seeta but why not Kannagi?

‘Don’t yell at the top of your voice! you’re girl’, ‘Learn to cook and clean else you’ll have a tough time at your in-law’s’, ‘No! We cannot afford to send you to abroad because we’ll have to spend on your wedding too!’. Seriously!! “We’ll spend on your wedding but not on your education!” what makes you so keen in selling us? Why don’t you tell this to your sons as well? Just because he’s a guy does that give him the liberty to choose his life?

I don’t blame parents and men totally. YOU WOMAN! why don’t you rebel when someone else rules your life? Why can’t you pull yourself together and show some courage? I know it’s not that easy to break the invisible shell around you, but at least try cracking it. There are umpteen women achievers in our country but many of them still remain unknown. When Arunima Sinha ( Lesser known sports person) can climb Mt. Everest despite having lost her leg! Why can’t you fight for yourself? Or do you expect filmmakers to make inspirational films about Mary Kom, Kalpana Chawla etc, to whip up the nerves in you?

Agreed! Women in general are fragile, gentle and soft-hearted but it doesn’t make them naive, gullible nor a loser. And what do you call her when she strives and strikes you hard? “An undignified characterless ‘SLUT’.

Well, I’m not here to talk about ‘Women empowerment’ nor ‘Girl power’. All I ask for is ‘Respect & space’. Why do you think that the hands that rocked the cradle is unfit to look after herself? Yet it’s never late. If it’s not today, then it’s never. You’re ‘NOT’ just a girl who covers her behind this unreasonable world. You’re a girl who seizes her virtue.